MaximalPower Universal Crevice Brush Attachment Vacuum Tool D28-38 mm Hose

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Universal Long Crevice Brush Attachment D28-38 mm Hose

  • Friction fit with fixed brush end
  • Brand New
  • 100% compatibility with the original
  • USA Based brand with Warranty and Customer Service


  • Our vacuum brush, Dust Brush Cleaner, Crevice Tool and Hose Adapter are made of soft, high quality plastic. The high-quality hose is not easy to break, and the suction tube is not easy to be blocked and will not fall off during use.


  • Vacuum Attachments can be connected to your vacuum cleaner, give you a good experience of cleaning.


  • The tool works with most standard sized vacuum hoses, offering a detachable blue part can be fitted for types of cleaners.


  • Flexible and tiny tubes act like brush, can access to every nook and cranny that you can't do with normal vacuum cleaner.


  • Help you get rid of dust and other debris particles, finish your cleaning task more effective and faster, give you a cleaner home.


Compatible with:


  • all D28mm to D38mm hose


The kit is only for vacuums accepting 28mm to 38mm inner diameter attachments. Please measure and confirm your vacuum attachments inner diameter before purchasing.


IMPORTANT! If the item (universal crevice tool) is far too bent after taking it out of the package, please kindly submerge it in a basin filled with hot water to help "soften" it and then wait for a few minutes before taking it out and bending it back to a straight form. Please be careful when handling hot water to not accidentally burn yourself and only start bending the tool when it's warm to touch.