Reflective Band Reflector Band for Wrist, Arm, Ankle, Leg, High Visibility Reflective Gear Safety Reflector Tape Straps for Night Walking, Cycling and Running


At 13x2 inches, with a minimum ring circumference of 11 inches, this reflective band is easily adjustable and highly visible to motorists up to 700 feet away. Its Velcro straps allow for 360 degrees of visibility, making it perfect for activities like running, walking, and cycling during nighttime or early morning. You can also wrap them around your ankles and use them as bike pant leg bands while riding.


    Stay safe and visible during your nightly runs with our reflective gear! With 360˚ reflectivity, our quality straps offer visibility in all weather conditions at any time.

    These highly reflective straps can be seen from a distance, ensuring your safety even in bad conditions. Be seen by cars with these reflective bands! Suitable for nighttime walkers and bikers, these bands also work as reflective tape for clothing, bands for runners, gear for running, bands for backpacks, and reflectors for running.

    Reflective band reflector band set includes 2 bands -they are lightweight, versatile, and fully adjustable, providing comfort during use. Use them as arm bands, wrist bands, ankle straps, a belt, ankle bands, a bike leg band, bicycle pants clips, straps, cuffs, or holders for enhanced visibility during night walking, cycling, and running.

    Perfect for runners, walkers, and cyclists alike! It can be used as a wristband for night running, hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, outdoor work, or any dark scene. So versatile!

    Discover the convenience and protection of our Reflective Band Reflector Band! These lightweight, versatile, and durable safety straps are easy to wear, without any added burden of batteries. They offer great visibility at night and during sports, making them an effortless addition to your daily routine.

    Product Care

    Type: Reflective Gear
    For: Exercise, Workout, Fitness, Training, Walking
    Size: 13x2 inches -- the minimum ring circumference is 11 inches
    Material: Recycled polyester fabric, Spandex
    SKU: 2145x2


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