Replacement Dryer Filter Lint Screen for Whirlpool W10516085

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Type: Dryer Filter
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Keep dryers running efficiently without having to break bank by purchasing a new dryer or getting original parts from the dryer machine manufacturer. Budget friendly and keeps lint away from your clothes.

Finer mesh screen traps the lint and dust during the drying cycle and makes it easy for you to clean up the screen once it's done. Please remember to remove the gathered lint between every drying batch to keep the dryer performing at its best.

To install, remove the older filter and replace it with the brand new filter. Easy, efficient, and absolutely no tools required!



  • Whirpool and other high-end brands mentioned are for reference and demonstration purposes only. Product is an aftermarket item that's compatible with OEM/original equipment manufacturer parts. No copyright infringement intended.

MaximalPower Replacement Filter Part W10516085 for Whirlpool models replaces the dryer lint screen and makes your machine run more efficiently by filtering out the lint from clogging your machine and saving more energy on gas usage

Durable replacement filter with gray plastic frame and finer mesh screen fits and slides into the filter compartment easily without fear of breaking

Finer mesh screen not only keeps away the lint from your clothes but also separates the gathered lint from your interior dryer machine parts and prevents fire hazards from your happening

Fits most Whirpool dryer models and other compatible dryer machines with a curve-ended filter compartme

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Weight: 4.9 oz
Item dimensions: 11 x 12.75 x 1 inches (approx)
Package dimensions: 12 x 13 x 3 inches
Part Number: W10516085
SKU: 1931


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