Replacement Thumbscrew for GoPro HERO 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6 7 8 9 Media Mod Camera



  • Suitable for securing the GoPro to various brackets
  • Simple and quick fastening for easy installation
  • Compact design and light weight, easy for you to use. It can connect directly with the GoPro waterproof shell or Frame mount
  • Made with ABS + Stainless Steel construction for durability
  • Replacement or as an extra to your original GoPro screw
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6 7 8 9 Media Mod Camera


This Thumb Screw for GoPro Hero allows you to attach your GoPro HD Hero to any accessory that accepts the thumb screw. These can be bought as extra screws or as replacement ones for lost or damaged screws.

This accessory is compatible with:

  • GoPro HD Hero 1
  • GoPro HD Hero 2
  • GoPro HD Hero 3
  • GoPro HD Hero 3+
  • GoPro HD Hero 4
  • GoPro HD Hero 5
  • GoPro HD Hero 6
  • GoPro HD Hero 7
  • GoPro HD Hero 8
  • GoPro HD Hero 9
  • GoPro Media Mod


Metal Screw Part:
Diameter - 4.5mm / 0.17 in
Length - Length - 18mm / 0.70 in

Thumbscrew Head Part:
Diameter - 19.5mm / 0.7 in
Length - 35mm / 1.37 in

Thumbscrew Body Part:
Diameter - 10.5mm / 0.41 in
Length - 24.8mm / 0.97 in

Whole Thumbscrew Length: 54mm / 2.12 in


  • Type: Thumbscrew 
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 0.3 oz
  • Dimensions (Net): 54mm / 2.12 in
  • Compatible with: For GoPro HD Hero 1 2 3 3+ 4 Action Camera
  • Package Includes: Replacement Long Knob Thumb Screw for GoPro HD Hero 1 2 3 3+ 4 5 6 7 8 9 Media Mod
  • MPN: CA GP Thumbscrew 45mm
  • SKU: 1947


Available Combos:


1x Thumbscrew, 1x Tripod  Mount
For mounting your action camera (best combo if you already have your own tripod/monopod) that requires stability and fixed angles. Perfect for still life or static filming like landscapes, food photography, displays, stages, and many others 


2x Thumbscrew, 1x J-Hook Mount
For making your action camera stay further away from its mounting point, allowing additional angles to be achieved when filming. Perfect for attaching your  camera to a chest harness or adhesive helmet mount. Also useful for attaching on a vertical wall surface like a car bumper, wall, back of helmet or similar surfaces 


3x Thumbscrew, 3x Tripod/Monopod Mount, 1x 1x J-Hook Mount
Bundle set for both multi-angle and fixed filming, perfect for those who want to capture every single aspect of the moment when you're filming still or on-the-go action. For the creatives and adventurous, or for lifestyle, home and livestreaming shots/vlogs




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