LED Solar Motion Sensor Light Dummy Camera




  • Integrated design of PIR motion sensor and night sensor with easy-to-install brackets 
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery, the battery has a charge and discharge protection circuit to prevent excessive charge and discharge from solar charging
  • Provides more than 40 hours of lighting time in low light mode after fully charged
  • IP66 waterproof protection level so light can function even in inclement weather 
  • Dummy camera appearance functions as decoy surveillance camera to wade off thieves and trespassers when the motion sensor detects them and lights up the area 


Motion Sensor:

When the working mode is selected, the IR light keep working in the dark. When motion is detected, it will switch to highlight mode. When a person has left for 20 seconds, it will switch to the mode you selected.



  • After receiving the light, press the switch button for 3 seconds on the back of the solar panel to turn it on, and then fully cover the solar panel, if the light is on, that indicate the light is good and working, if the flood light is not on, please make sure to fully charge it in the sunshine, then operate again.
  • Use the screws in the package to install the light on the wall and cover the area you want to illuminate.
  • After installation, adjust the solar panel angle, and ensure that the panel can directly get the sunlight without any obstruction or glass barrier. In normal condition, it can be fully charged in 4 hours in ideal sunlight.


Starting and Mode Selection:

  • Press the switch button for 3 seconds, turn the light on and meanwhile enter working mode 1
  • Mode 1: Slight light at night + strong light after motion detected.
  • Mode 2: No light at night + strong light after motion detected on this mode, a red light keeps flashing.

(Note: The red light does not working on other modes)

  • Mode 3: Normally lighting at night (keep lighting for 4 hours, it will change to dim light)
  • Press button to turns off.



  • Solar panel: 2W/5V
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V/1800mAh
  • Power: 5W LED
  • Luminous flux: 800LM
  • Time interval: 15-20 seconds
  • Switching modes: press the switch button for 3 seconds to turn on and meanwhile it will automatically enter mode 1, press once to enter mode 2, press again to enter mode 3, and press again to turn off.
  • Size: 195 x 85 x 125mm / 7.68 x 3.35 x 4.92 inches
  • Working temperature: -40-50℃
  • Package includes: 1x LED Motion Sensor Light, 1x Installation Screw Kit, 1x Sticker Decal 
  • SKU: 2029



  • Solar Panel can be activated under direct sunlight for 2-3 seconds, or fully charge it in sunlight before using.
  • Do not turn over and fold the solar panel too hard and too often.
  • Please install the solar flood light in a location that the solar panel can get the sunlight directly without any shelter or glass or shade caused by trees, buildings etc. If there is not good sunlight, especially in winter, it will take more time to charge, especially in the north countries.
  • The battery may be out of power if it is not being charged constantly under direct sunlight. If not using for long time, you could fully charge it in sunshine and charge it every 3 months to extend the battery life.
  • Working power of the solar panel will be influenced by weather, location etc.
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