Two-Way Radio Dual Charger for MOTOROLA PMNN4065, PMNN4066, PMNN4066A

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New  MaximalPower™ Dual Port Radio Charger for MOTOROLA 

PMNN4065, PMNN4066, PMNN4066A  

  • Function: The battery charger is designed exclusively for use with Li-ion, Ni-Mh, or Ni-Cd battery pack when either attached to or removed from the transceiver.
  • Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.36A Output: DC 12V 800mA
  • AC Plug: American type flat pin. (You will need an AC plug converter for EU, AU outlets.) 
  Indicator Designation:
    • Red LED indicates the battery is charging.
    • Green LED indicates full charged states 


PMNN4065, PMNN4066, PMNN4066A   
MOTOROLA Base Station / Repeater / Mobile / Portable Two-Way Radio
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