MaximalPower 55mm Center Pinch Front Lens Cap and Cap Keeper Leash for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Cameras


Shield your 55mm lens from hazardous elements with this new black camera lens cap. The easy-to-use pinch sides let you quickly snap it into place and a cap leash secures it during transport. Keep dust, water, and scratches out while protecting your digital camera or camcorder lens. Perfect fit for your 55mm lens, filter, adapter, and more.


Available bundles:

  • 55mm Front Lens Cap + Leash
  • 2-Pack 55mm Front Lens Cap + Leash
  • 3-Pack 55mm Front Lens Cap + Leash



Brand new 55mm Camera Lens Cap, Black

This Camera Lens Cap is great for protecting your digital camera/camcorder lens

Protects the front portions of your lens from water, dust, and scratches

Pinch the sides of the cap and snap it into place

Includes lens cap string/leash to prevent from losing the cap

Fit on 55mm lens, filter, adapter etc.

Product Care

Quantity: 1 Cap + 1 String/Leash
SKU: 0716


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