Solar-Powered Pest Repeller with Ultrasonic Sound & Solar Charging for Chasing Out Yard Pests

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New Outdoor: SOLAR/SONIC Pet Repellent with LED Light 

Transmitting ultrasonic via vibration, this mole repeller is used to affect the acute hearing of underground rodents. The ultrasonic will deceive them, making them feel endangered, forcing them away from the vibrating area.

USA Based brand with Warranty and Customer Service.

Completely powered by Solar Energy.

Easy and safe to use. No Poison, no Chemicals.
Idea pest control device to keep rodents away from your garden or lawns by utilizing both sonic wave sound and vibration technology. Transmits ultrasonic sound every 30 seconds.
Quantity: 1

Effective Range:650m2
Frequency: 400-1000Hz
Rechargeable battery included: 1.2V 800mAh Ni-Cd
PANEL SIZE: 70x90 mm
227mm (9") length aluminum tube*
NOTE: Frozen soil, irrigated, or waterlogged ground is not suitable for this device. Please dig a hole into solid earth to install the device. Keep in mind the density of the soil will greatly affect the effectiveness of the device. The more solid the earth, the better the device will function.